Behavior Management with Class DoJo


I was introduced to Classroom DoJo by a friend of mine who uses it in his middle school classroom. At first I was skeptical, no kid is going to fall for this positive behavior trick, little multicolored monsters that earn points for being well behaved, c’mon. Well low and behold it worked. The kids loved it, the teacher loved it, even the parents loved it. So here is how it works…

With Clasroom DoJo you can keep track of students behavior by awarding students points for their positive behaviors. Once class is over you can email parents a report of what types of behaviors were exhibited in class. At the end of class you can display a behavior report card for the whole class, the class earns points, and positive behaviors are rewarded.


Digital Storytelling

I love Storybird. That is all I can say. I just love it and here is why. Sometimes it is difficult to get students writing. We have all heard the words “I hate to write,” but Storybird is a resource that allows students to create stories from pictures.

I was introduced to this resource by a teacher who used Storybird in her elementary classroom. She was struggling to get students to write about a topic, a lot of the students simply couldn’t come up with anything to write about. This teacher decided to use Storybird and the results were incredible. Simply, by giving students pictures, stories were more vivid and descriptive. Students were begging to write and use this tool. In my mind, anything that elicits a love of writing, is safe and easy to use, is a winner.

Storybird allows you to create accounts for your students, moderate students comments, and allows for collaboration amongst peers. It is easy to use and free. Students pick a picture that connects with their topic and begin writing, other students can make comments on the work, or you can have a safe classroom discussion about a writing topic. You can even create a hard copy version of your book for parents or classroom libraries.

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Finding Apps

Lately, I have been working with more schools on implementing one-to-one learning with iPads. One of the main questions I get asked by educators is, “How do you find apps?”
One of the best resources for finding apps is called Appitic. This online resource organizes apps by theme, Bloom’s Taxonomy, special education, the NETS, and more. The site gives links to the iTunes store to purchase apps and also gives the cost for each app.
Along with listing available apps, there are blogs on incorporating technology in your classroom and resources for teachers. This particular resource allows teachers to submit apps for review as well.
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Find References Easily

Do you ever wish you could check your email, search the internet using multiple web browsers, read daily headlines, and learn a new word, all in one place? Well, I have a site for you! Refdesk is an amazing site that allows you to search the internet for the best resources available. As a teacher, I found Refdesk very useful for instructing students on researching topics. Not only does Refdesk have links to the most reputable news resources, it has a reference desk that includes grammar tips, citation resources, and even a homework helper organized by subject.

Refdesk is a wonderful resource, that is totally free! If you use this resource in your classroom, let me know what you think by posting a comment.

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Organize Classroom Events

SignUpGenius is a free online tool that organizes group sign up lists.  There are so many uses for this tool including organizing classroom parties, field trips, and parent conferences.  One of the great features of SignUpGenius is the ability to limit the number of volunteers bringing certain items.  For example, we have all had those classroom events where you end up with a ton of soda and cookies and nothing else.  Using SignUpGenius you can list the items you need and the amount of that item. Once something has been taken, no one else can sign up for that item. This eliminates a surplus of sugary sweets or parents signing up for the same conference time.

Another great feature of SignUpGenius is the automatic email reminder.  No more emailing parents to remind them of a conference or what they signed up to bring to a classroom party, the SignUpGenius does it automatically.

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Activities for Math

I love finding activities that tie together learning and current events. Especially when it comes to math.  In the past, I have scoured the Internet for lessons that fit into my curriculum and tied with the standards.  This ongoing search, was time consuming and a frankly daunting task.  The other day I stumbled upon a site called Yummy Math.  This wonderful site is a one stop shop for activities relating to current events and math.  Yummy Math is a free resource that gives you access to activities in PDF form.  There is an option for membership ($12/year) that gives you access to solutions and documents for editing. Since this is a blog, all of last years activities are also available and organized by month.  A great resource for all teachers.

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Create Rubrics with Ease

I hate creating rubrics. Trying to format and change categories in a word processing program was a nightmare. Then I found a site that made my teacher life so much easier.

Rubristar is a great online resource for teachers. Rubristar takes all the work out of creating a rubric. You simply choose your template, select categories, and submit. That’s it, no fussing with boxes or cells. You just create and print. You can also find pre-made rubrics for your classroom that you can make your own. By using Rubristar you will have more time to do the things you need to do, like grade those projects you created a rubric for. Please let me know how this resource works for you by leaving a comment below. Happy teaching!

Rubistar Video Introduction
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