Booksource Library Organizer

I’ll be the first to admit it, I am not the most organized person. In my classroom I had a large library where students could borrow books.  The problem with my classroom library was keeping it organized. I could never keep track of the books and worse I wasn’t able to recommend books for different student reading levels.  I tried many systems that were time consuming and difficult to manage, I lost books constantly and students couldn’t identify books that were best for them.

Recently, I stumbled upon a site from Booksource that helps with organizing your classroom library. As I looked over the site and features I knew it would be a hit. The Library Organizer allows teachers to use their smart devices to scan ISBN codes from the back of books or type in ISBN codes.  The Book Organizer keeps track of books using this scanning system, but it also provides information on reading levels and possible AR points, page counts, and more.  Students or teachers can return books online or by scanning the ISBN.  This tool is amazing and a huge time saver with many features and best of all it is free.

Below, you will find an introduction video along with a video from the company, I would love to hear how each of you is using this resource in your classroom or any issues you may have with this resource.

BookSource’s Book Organizer from stacey schuh on Vimeo.


I love posting new tools for teachers, but honestly, it can sometimes be hard to find time to post new ideas on a blog or website. As a teacher, I created a blog for my students and parents, but I wasn’t great at keeping it updated. Well, fear not my teacher pals. I have an app for your use to help with this little issue. Zapd is an application for your smart phone or your iPad that allows you to instantly add content to a Zapd website. Imagine working in your classroom and taking pictures of projects, or you want to post tonight’s agenda instantly on your website. This little app lets you do that. Below I have added a video and a link to one of my Zapd posts. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Happy posting!

Welcome to Knack

Hello everyone,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Stacey Schuh and I am the Technology Implementation Specialist for the Eaton Intermediate School District. Before I came to the ISD I was a sixth grade teacher for seven years.  I really enjoyed working with students and using technology to differentiate instruction, but found finding resources time consuming.

As I have been traveling around to local schools, many of you have asked if I could share technology tips and resources available for use in the classroom.  In order to reach as many of you as possible I’ve created “Knack”.  Here you will find weekly updates on free technology resources for teachers. By creating a blog, every resource will be archived in one location and with every resource will be a video tutorial to clarify how to utilize this resource. I’m sure all of you will find you have a “knack” for technology, even if you don’t think so.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you and reading your feedback.

Welcome to Knack.