Auto Creating Letters using Google Forms and Autocrat

A numbeunnamedr of schools are sending home “caught you” notes. These notes let parents know when a student was caught doing something good, some examples might be helping others or showing leadership.  Most of the time these slips are filled out and sent home in the student’s backpack where they live in a dark, sometimes a wet (eww) place until they get thrown away. The obvious problem with sending home a paper copy  is that it doesn’t always get seen by the intended recipient.

So, that got me thinking about a Google add-on that I had used years ago and forgotten, Autocrat.  This add-on allows you to create a form where submissions can populate a Google Doc. For example, in the case of the “caught you note” a teacher could fill out a form by selecting a list of behaviors and a letter to parents is automatically generated through autocrat. Not only could you use this with for student behavior, but you could create missing library book lists or create lesson plans.  Click this link for more examples from Jessica Johnston at Synergyse.

Below is a video showing how to set up Autocrat, as always I would love to hear your feedback and how you are using this tool.

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