Word Clouds

“The Raven”-Created in Tagxedo

Tagxedo is a free tool that allows the user to create “word” pictures. When I learned about Tagxedo I was skeptical. While this is a nice way to showcase different pieces of writing, will it really be useful for instruction? Little did I know what a big impact this tool could have on my students.

There are so many ways to use Tagxedo in your classroom. Lets say you have a student who struggles with redundancy in their writing, Tagxedo identifies which words are used most often and those words are larger in the picture. This means a student can visually see what word they are using too often or identify the main idea of their writing.

Tagxedo is also perfect for famous speeches and poetry. You can have students create a Tagxedo on the Gettysburg address and identify what words are used most often and how those words relate to what was happening during the time the speech was written. The possibilities are endless!

Below you will find a link to both Tagxedo and Daily Tagxedo, a website dedicated to creating Taxedos on different current events.

Marzano Connection: Nonlinguistic representations, Identifying Similarities and Differences

Daily Tagxedo

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