I discovered Jing a few years ago from an instructor at MSU. This is one tool I can’t live without and it has helped me both inside and outside the classroom. Jing is a program that allows you to create videos of what you are doing on your desktop or laptop. In the past, I have used Jing to give feedback on student’s written work, how to access a website, and for all of my video tutorials. The nice thing about Jing is that it is free and it keeps you to a five minute limit. I once heard that if anything is more than five minutes, it should not be in a video tutorial. This was helpful when giving students feedback, be short and to the point. Now, if you would like to create videos that are longer than five minutes, there is a paid version. Below is a video tutorial (using Jing) about Jing, as well as a link to their site. I would love to hear about how you are utilizing Jing in your own classrooms. If you have any questions let me know.

Marzano Strategy Connection: Objectives and feedback, Homework and Practice, Non-linguistic Representations

Introduction to Jing

Jing Features

How Jing is being used in the classroom

Download Jing Here

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