Digital Storytelling

I love Storybird. That is all I can say. I just love it and here is why. Sometimes it is difficult to get students writing. We have all heard the words “I hate to write,” but Storybird is a resource that allows students to create stories from pictures.

I was introduced to this resource by a teacher who used Storybird in her elementary classroom. She was struggling to get students to write about a topic, a lot of the students simply couldn’t come up with anything to write about. This teacher decided to use Storybird and the results were incredible. Simply, by giving students pictures, stories were more vivid and descriptive. Students were begging to write and use this tool. In my mind, anything that elicits a love of writing, is safe and easy to use, is a winner.

Storybird allows you to create accounts for your students, moderate students comments, and allows for collaboration amongst peers. It is easy to use and free. Students pick a picture that connects with their topic and begin writing, other students can make comments on the work, or you can have a safe classroom discussion about a writing topic. You can even create a hard copy version of your book for parents or classroom libraries.

Click here for Video Tutorial 

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